[gembud] making topography graphics in gempak.

 To whom it may concern,

I am trying to make a topography graphic in gempak  and was able to do so
until something with gdattim got messed up or corrupted.  I am able to
successfully run the top.csh script to get a gem file.  However when I run
the continent.csh script to generate an image from this file I get an
error: [DG -7] Input grid TOPO ^070101/0000 @500 %NONE cannot be found.
What is this all about?  Like I said it was working fine until I ran
another gempak script with different gdattim values and then I got this
error.  How do I resolve this problem?

Attached are the top.csh and continental.csh scripts.

Thank you for your time.


Jason Snyder

Attachment: continent.csh
Description: C-Shell script

Attachment: top.csh
Description: C-Shell script

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