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I've had very good results with various flavors of build-your-own, using
SuperMicro hardware. The Lab, I believe, currently uses HP, and I suspect a
lot of NOAA does, but I'm neither in IT, nor acquisitions, so I'm not
positive. The last CentOS box I built, all the parts came from MicroCenter,
and I was on the air within an hour of getting home, save the install time
for CentOS (so, call it 2 hours total).


On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 9:53 PM, <wxprofessor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> clarification.. already received some personal replies :)  I meant a
> centos box for the cave side, where unidata specifies a decent nvidia card
> :)  come to think of it, i was thinking of going dual / triple sli like i
> have on my doz boxes... anyone ever run a centos desktop with beefy nvidia
> cards in dual sli :)
> since the awips ii beta is out there, i've been thinking of ordering a
> centos box (since that's what they require! :) lol)... i currently have a 4
> screen system with all windows boxes filled with terminal screens et. al.,
> and i'm getting to old to build boxes anymore, because i can barely see my
> fingers, never mind setting jumpers and such :)
> does anyone have a reputable source that they order centos boxes from? my
> 'power' boxes are all alienware dual / triple sli, with a standard xps
> mail/chat box... and i was looking around alienware / dell, and they won't
> even let you order a box without doz installed lol ... so i thought before
> i went much further, might as well ask the community if there's someone out
> there you use... if not i'll probably just order another alienware and
> throw away the doz license lol..
> it's funny really.. i've always used poweredge servers sitting in racks
> around the world, and boxes i've built, or dell doz boxes... I did have an
> HP box once that croaked and never went back.. had fairly decent luck with
> dell. :)
> cheers,
> --patrick
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