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clarification.. already received some personal replies :) I meant a centos box for the cave side, where unidata specifies a decent nvidia card :) come to think of it, i was thinking of going dual / triple sli like i have on my doz boxes... anyone ever run a centos desktop with beefy nvidia cards in dual sli :)

since the awips ii beta is out there, i've been thinking of ordering a centos box (since that's what they require! :) lol)... i currently have a 4 screen system with all windows boxes filled with terminal screens et. al., and i'm getting to old to build boxes anymore, because i can barely see my fingers, never mind setting jumpers and such :)

does anyone have a reputable source that they order centos boxes from? my 'power' boxes are all alienware dual / triple sli, with a standard xps mail/chat box... and i was looking around alienware / dell, and they won't even let you order a box without doz installed lol ... so i thought before i went much further, might as well ask the community if there's someone out there you use... if not i'll probably just order another alienware and throw away the doz license lol..

it's funny really.. i've always used poweredge servers sitting in racks around the world, and boxes i've built, or dell doz boxes... I did have an HP box once that croaked and never went back.. had fairly decent luck with dell. :)



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