Re: [gembud] Issue Compiling GEMPAK on OS X Mavericks

Thanks for the info. It is GEMPAK7 I'm having the issue with on Mavericks. I do 
have it running wonderfully in CentOS 6. Even got data flowing into it. I was 
just curious if I could get it going on OS X so I didn't have to rely on my 
CentOS VM. :-)


Nathan Parker

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> On Jun 8, 2014, at 8:51 PM, "Matt Engelbrecht" 
> <Matthew.Engelbrecht@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Nathan:
> I have experienced the same challenges with GEMPAK 7 on Mavericks - GEMPAK 
> 6.10 installed just fine, but I have yet to successfully build GEMPAK 7.  
> Even some of the 6.10 build seems funky, so I moved over to RHEL (6.5) and 
> won't be looking back.  Building GEMPAK 7 on it was smooth, quick and it 
> performs exceptionally well.  I highly recommend the $179 investment in a 
> good OS to run it.
> -Matt
>> On Jun 7, 2014, at 7:44 PM, Nathan Parker <backyard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I'm trying to compile GEMPAK on OS X Mavericks. I have Xcode, Command Line 
>> Tools, MacPorts, all the prerequisites installed, and I'm sourcing it 
>> correctly. It still fails to build. I have a copy of my Make file if anyone 
>> wants to see it. It's throwing all sorts of off the wall issues I've never 
>> seen before. 
>> Did it on both an iMac and MacBook Pro with the same results. 
>> Worked flawlessly on CentOS 6.
>> I'm also about to beta test Yosemite on both Macs if someone wants me to try 
>> to compile on Yosemite. 
>> Any help would be deeply appreciated. 
>> Thanks!
>> Nathan Parker
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