[gembud] GEMPAK7.0.3 released

Hi folks,

GEMPAK7 rel3 (7.0.3) is now available from

updates for rel3 include
* fix for dmrpkg library which prevented some grids from being read.
* fix for dctaf to solve problem reported in February (7.0 rel2)
* fix for dcacars, dcncprof, dccosmic and dcsuomi leaving 0-size temporary netCDF files in home directory.
* libxml2 and xslt updated to latest versions.
* build fixes for SunOS decoders which link against libxml2

This version of GEMPAK is available as source code and as binaries for linux64 / linux32 (.rpm) and SunOS x86 (.tar.gz).

Linux RPMs install to /home/gempak by default but can be installed elsewhere with the '--prefix=/usr/local/gempak' flag.

Please send questions or bug reports about this release to support-gempak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Michael James

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