Re: [gembud] WEST-CONUS/EAST-CONUS data error

This works great. Thank you. Can anyone tell me what table to edit to get the GOES-14 4km data to show up in the "Image Products" dialogue in the current version of openGarp? Our ldm is filing the data in a GOES-14 directory just as it did with GOES-13.

On 09/24/2012 09:53 PM, Russ Schumacher wrote:
Thanks, all.  Kevin's suggested additions to imgtyp.tbl did the trick for me as 
well.  Much appreciated!


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Hi everyone,

Attached is a text file with GOES-14 entries ... quick and dirty but I got the 
1km VIS imagery that Russ referenced to plot with gpmap once I put these 
entries in.

By the way, the file you need to enter is $GEMTBL/sat/imgtyp.tbl.

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