Re: [gembud] WEST-CONUS/EAST-CONUS data error


GOES-13 is out of service. NOAA/NASA have started up GOES-14 and are
feeding the EAST data through GOES-13. This sounds (pure speculation
on my part) like a power issue on the sensor bus on the spacecraft,
with the communications bus intact.

GOES-15, on the west, is in full-disk mode for the time being.


On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 6:27 PM, Russ Schumacher
<russ.schumacher@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Gembuds,
> Today I started getting the following error when trying to display data from 
> the "EAST-CONUS" and "WEST-CONUS" feeds for 1-km visible data.  The error 
> (when running gpmap) is:
>  [IM 1]  No entry in the image type table, imgtyp.tbl, for file 
> /Volumes/data/images/sat/EAST-CONUS/1km/VIS/VIS_20120924_2045
> I'm sure this is somehow related to the GOES-13 satellite going down, so 
> maybe there's no real fix, but if someone adept at figuring out file types 
> has any ideas, I'd appreciate hearing them.  The files continue to be read in 
> just fine on our LDM; it's just that gpmap won't display them since 1730 UTC 
> today.
> Thanks!
> Russ
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