[gembud] WEST-CONUS/EAST-CONUS data error

Hi Gembuds,

Today I started getting the following error when trying to display data from 
the "EAST-CONUS" and "WEST-CONUS" feeds for 1-km visible data.  The error (when 
running gpmap) is:

 [IM 1]  No entry in the image type table, imgtyp.tbl, for file 

I'm sure this is somehow related to the GOES-13 satellite going down, so maybe 
there's no real fix, but if someone adept at figuring out file types has any 
ideas, I'd appreciate hearing them.  The files continue to be read in just fine 
on our LDM; it's just that gpmap won't display them since 1730 UTC today.



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