[gembud] Gempak 6.4.0 NMAP2 (core dump) in Fedora 14


I'm having problems getting NMAP2 to work.  It briefly opens and then
closes.  A smaller "warning" window briefly opens as well but it's grey and
doesn't display any error messages.

I just upgraded to Fedora 14.  I complied Gempak 6.4.0 without any errors in
the make.out file (that I can find).  I have the appropriate dependencies
installed as specified on installation page (using openmotif,
openmotif-devel 2.3.1-1 fc9 rpm).  I have successfully compiled Gempak 6.2.0
on Fedora 14 and didn't have any problems with NMAP2.

I attached a screenshot of this.

>From a terminal, I tried starting nmap2 and got the following:

Finished reading tables...
Resource File:  /home/gempak/GEMPAK6.4.0/resource/Nmap
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Please advise on how to correct this problem.

Many thanks,

- Brian

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