[gembud] GEMPAK 6.2.0 on x86_64 machine RHEL6 - vgf files will not display in gpmap or nmap2

Hello - we just installed GEMPAK 6.2.0 on RHEL6 and all seems well EXCEPT 
we are not able to display vgf files in NMAP2 or in GPMAP nor will product 
generation in NMAP2 display objects as a user is drawing them (fronts, 
lines, etc).  We even took vgf files that were created on other systems 
and tried to display/edit them on the RHEL6 machine without any luck.

A grep on the make.out file for "ot found" or "ot find" comes up empty but 
a grep on "o such" does reveal one message that might be of concern:
"/usr/include/python2.6/pyconfig.h:4:25: error: pyconfig-32.h: No such 
file or directory" .. but this doesnt seem to be related to displays of 
vgf files.

We also did the same greps  on our makeinstall.out file and noted 3 
messages of concern:
install: cannot stat `dcgrib2`: No such file or directory
install: cannot stat `dcredbook`: No such file or directory
install: cannot stat `gdcsv.hlp`: No such file or directory

However, at this point, having not seen any other similar issues in the 
GEMBUD archives or the GEMPAK Support archives, we thought we would ask if 
anyone else has seen and overcome these or similar issues.


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