Re: [gembud] Whither GARP? Or withered GARP?

Just to throw out a comment from a totally different user perspective.

I briefly used GARP many years ago when we had GEMPAK and the early
versions of AWIPS running side by side. Eventually we dropped GEMPAK
support as AWIPS became more functional.

These days I use neither GARP nor NMAP but I do use the legacy GEMPAK
apps for putting together publication quality images. These are always
done in a post-event, non-operational mode when I have the time to
develop the output to best depict the fields of relevance.

We no longer support GEMPAK in the work environment here so I have
become the de facto administrator for the package.

Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5
Mac OS X 10.5.8 (and 10.4.11)
GEMPAK 5.11.1  (Pre-compiled binaries. Thanks, Chiz!)

Yes...all old versions of software, operating system, and hardware. Runs

David Blanchard
| David O. Blanchard  Flagstaff, Arizona  david_blanchard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  |

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