Re: [gembud] Blank 1km 4bit radar images

Hi Dan,

Can you give a specific type of product that is causing the problem, as well as a link to a source where one could download it (or, if it's reasonably small, just attach it)? Your email mentions blank 4bit radar, but the text of your email refers to blank 8bit radar.

I have found that VAD files do not display with 6.2 (using gpvad) regardless of whether the line I referenced in the November 23rd GEMBUD thread is commented out or not. I'm not surprised that there may be other products that are not being parsed right.



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On Thu, 13 Jan 2011, Dan Leins wrote:


I upgraded to GEMPAK6.2.0 and am now taking advantage of the ability to
display 8bit radar data. Since 8bit SRM doesn't appear to be available at
this point, I continue to download the 4bit version but am having trouble
viewing it in Garp/NMAP2/gpmap, etc...

It would appear this topic was covered about 2 months ago:

I uncommented the line in question, recompiled, etc...  and was able to view
the 4bit Z/V/SRM data just fine. However the unintended side-effect was that
I lost the ability to view all the other 8bit data.

Running gpmap verbosely gives the following error when trying to display
8bit Z data:
Enter <cr> to accept parameters or type EXIT:expecting bzip2 compression,
not found
[GEMPLT -48]  NIMGFL - Can not open image file.*

Is there any way to compile gpmap to accept both 4bit and 8bit data?

Dan Leins

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