[gembud] Blank 1km 4bit radar images


I upgraded to GEMPAK6.2.0 and am now taking advantage of the ability to
display 8bit radar data. Since 8bit SRM doesn't appear to be available at
this point, I continue to download the 4bit version but am having trouble
viewing it in Garp/NMAP2/gpmap, etc...

It would appear this topic was covered about 2 months ago:


I uncommented the line in question, recompiled, etc...  and was able to view
the 4bit Z/V/SRM data just fine. However the unintended side-effect was that
I lost the ability to view all the other 8bit data.

Running gpmap verbosely gives the following error when trying to display
8bit Z data:
Enter <cr> to accept parameters or type EXIT:expecting bzip2 compression,
not found
 [GEMPLT -48]  NIMGFL - Can not open image file.*

Is there any way to compile gpmap to accept both 4bit and 8bit data?

Dan Leins
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