[gembud] GARP crashes using GEMPAK v5.11.4

We recently downloaded the newest version of GEMPAK and GARP onto our
new Linux box.  GEMPAK seems to be working fine.  Most elements of GARP 
are working just fine, but I am having a few hiccups that I cannot seem
to fix.  I have compared the Gemenviron and Garp_defaults files from
our old and new system, and do not see any differences.  Here are the
two most frustrating problems:

1. When I try to plot the NAM using Model Plan Projection, I am allowed
   to select the dates, times and variables that I want.  When I then
   click "Display", GARP crashes.  If I then restart GARP and first
   select GFS (without plotting), then select NAM....I have a different
   set of "general" scalar variables which plot up just fine without
   crashing!  Is there a magic file that I need to check on that tells
   each model which fdf's to use?

2. When I try to plot "surface observational data", GARP crashes
   immediately.  I can go to "NWX" and see the listing of the same
   data just fine!

Any thoughts would be appreciated.




 Frank J. Marsik
 Dept. of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences U-M Air Quality 
 Space Research Building, Rm 2109       "We must remember that intelligence
 2455 Hayward Ave                        is not enough.  Intelligence  -
 Ann Arbor, MI  48109-2143               plus character - that is the goal
                                         of true education."
 Phone: 734-763-5369 
 Fax:   734-763-0437                             - Martin Luther King
 URL: http://www.umich.edu/~marsik/


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