Re: [gembud] Orienting map in GEMPAK 5.11.4

The process we use at SPC to create our frontpage maps is rather
complicated, but it gives us the desired effect.  These steps are followed
in order to create pixel-for-pixel identical images for our products on the
SPC website front page.

1)  GPMAP is used with the following options:
   map    = 6=140:140:140/1/1
   garea  = 19.0;-120.1;50.8;-61.3
   radfil = <latest 1km mosaic radar image>
   proj   = rad
   text   = 1/22//hw
   lutfil = white.tbl <sets everything to white>
   bnd    = bg/30=210:227:244+hcn_bnds/11=g80+state_bnds/1
   dev    = gf|basemap.gif|640;480

2) Next we use mogrify to crop the image to the correct area
   mogrify -crop 582x408+28+36 basemap.gif

Hope this helps!

John Hart
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