[gembud] Orienting map in GEMPAK 5.11.4

Hello, I spoke with a forecaster at the Storm Prediction Center about the
way that they orient the map. He was telling me it was either LCC or NPS (I
think). I am trying to orient the lines so that if I draw me a personal
outlook, that I can verify it exactly with a SPC map, to verify reports with
my outlook. Can you guys please help me? 

Here is a perfect example:



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>And I'm SURE they will make an install package for MAC right?  <ha-ha>

I would like to see a return to pre-compiled binaries, including 
PPC and Intel Mac as well as some of the more popular Linux variations.

I do not have the support or time to put together all the 
dependencies and have always greatly appreciated the precompiled binaries.

David Blanchard
| David O. Blanchard  Flagstaff, Arizona  
david_blanchard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  |


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