Re: [gembud] decoding specific parameters from NARR reanalysis

Thanks Daryl, much appreciated!


At 10:04 AM 6/1/2010, daryl herzmann wrote:
Hi Mike,

On Tue, 1 Jun 2010, Mike Voss wrote:

It seems there are three possible directions to head. 1) use dcgrib2 with command line options to only decode certain parameters, or 2) use dcgrib2 and custom grib tables to only decode certain parameters, or 3) use NAGRIB to create a new grid from the fully decoded grid, which would only contain the particular parameters I need.

I'd use wgrib[1] to split things up.  You can do something like so:

wgrib -s FILE | grep SOMETHING | wgrib -i FILE -grib -o SOMETHING.grib -append

Run wgrib -s FILE once to see what it prints out and then build your grep based on it.



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