[gembud] decoding specific parameters from NARR reanalysis

Hello Gembuds -

I'm trying to do something relatively simple it would seem (ha), and I need a little advice/direction. I'm looking at NARR (reanalysis data) and I'm able to decode into GEMPAK format and view it with GDPLOT2, which is great. What I want to do is end up with GEMPAK files with only the specific parameters I want. For example, let's suppose I want a gempak file with just 500 mb temp/heights/vort, and 700 mb temp/heights/vort. I'm trying to figure the most straightforward/efficient way to do this, I think I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

It seems there are three possible directions to head. 1) use dcgrib2 with command line options to only decode certain parameters, or 2) use dcgrib2 and custom grib tables to only decode certain parameters, or 3) use NAGRIB to create a new grid from the fully decoded grid, which would only contain the particular parameters I need.

I want to have files for all 30 years of NARR, but the fully decoded grids are way to big to save everything, hence my need to trim them down to just what I need.

Any advice here would be appreciated, or perhaps a method I haven't thought of.

Thanks much,


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