Re: [gembud] Using DCMETR

Hi Colton - We are pulling data off NOAA's tgftp server and running it 
through dcmetr.  But we found (thanks to Steve Chizwell) that we needed to 
bound the ob with a string of "AFOS" control characters for the decoder to 
work.  Here is what we did -

1. Created a script "addafos.csh" as follows (these are all zeroes, not 
capital "Oh"s)

#!/bin/csh -f
printf "\001\r\r\n000 \r\r\n"
printf "\r\r\n\003"

2. chmod 777 afos.csh)

3. Run the ob (contained in ob.txt) through addafos.csh and dcmetr as 
cat ob.txt | ./addafos.csh | dcmetr -a 500 -v 2 -t 60 

Our decode script which contains step 3 actually will make "addafos.csh" 
if it doesnt exist locally. By the way you may want to try pulling (where hh 
is the current hour in UTC).  This contains specials and will allow you 
decode all obs around the globe in less than 15 min.  If you run a master 
decode script every 15 min, you will have updated obs (surface, not ship), 
from anywhere over the globe.


gembud-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 04/15/2010 03:19:33 AM:

> Hello all!
> I am having issues using the DCMETR decoder, and knew this
> was the right place to ask for help. 
> As I am not a university or institution of note, I am not 
> using LDM or the IDD, and instead had the idea of maybe 
> pulling data off of the NOAA ftp server at
> . I can successfully login via scripting, etc. I can cd to the 
> directory, which contains updated metar files. However, 
> these are in a .txt format, and I'm not 100% sure if they 
> are formatted the way DCMETR needs them to be as input 
> files. I am rather new to this, but am learning quickly. I
> just need some data to play with! If anyone can tell me 
> what I may be doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate it. 
> Here are the commands I'm using once I have my file.
> dcmetr -c YYMMDD/HHNN sfcdata.gem < sn.0114.txt
> (the above command's general format I copied from the 
> phelp file for dcmetr)
> dcmetr -c sfcdata.gem < sn.0114.txt
> dcmetr -c /home/gempak/NAWIPS/gempak/data/sfcdata.gem < 
> /home/gempak/NAWIPS/gempak/data/sn.0114.txt
> As you can see, I try specifying explicitly and still, all
> dcmetr does is hang for about half a second, then put me 
> back at the prompt. Nothing is generated as far as logs 
> go, so I have no idea what's going on. I hope this is 
> clear enough. Please help!
> -- 
> Colton Ancell
> Geophysics Major, Texas Tech University.
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