[gembud] Using DCMETR

Hello all!

I am having issues using the DCMETR decoder, and knew this was the right
place to ask for help.

As I am not a university or institution of note, I am not using LDM or the
IDD, and instead had the idea of maybe pulling data off of the NOAA ftp
server at ftp://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/. I can successfully login via scripting,
etc. I can cd to the
ftp://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/SL.us008001/DF.an/DC.sflnd/DS.metar directory,
which contains updated metar files. However, these are in a .txt format, and
I'm not 100% sure if they are formatted the way DCMETR needs them to be as
input files. I am rather new to this, but am learning quickly. I just need
some data to play with! If anyone can tell me what I may be doing wrong, I
would greatly appreciate it. Here are the commands I'm using once I have my

dcmetr -c YYMMDD/HHNN sfcdata.gem < sn.0114.txt

(the above command's general format I copied from the phelp file for dcmetr)

dcmetr -c sfcdata.gem < sn.0114.txt
dcmetr -c /home/gempak/NAWIPS/gempak/data/sfcdata.gem <

As you can see, I try specifying explicitly and still, all dcmetr does is
hang for about half a second, then put me back at the prompt. Nothing is
generated as far as logs go, so I have no idea what's going on. I hope this
is clear enough. Please help!

Colton Ancell
Geophysics Major, Texas Tech University.
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