Re: [gembud] SFLIST - what's the right sfparm for peak wind speed (pwsp does not seem to work)

In addition, the file gempak/source/bridge/mt/mtfint.f needs to be modified
to add the extra parameters.
  NUMP needs to be increased by the number of parameters you are adding
  The parameters need to be added to dprms
To build a new version of dcmetr:
  cd $NAWIPS/gempak/source/bridge/mt
# Modify mtfint.f
  ar -dv $GEMLIB/bridge.a mtfint.o
  cd $NAWIPS/gempak/source/programs/dc/dcmetr
  make install

Larry D. Oolman wrote:
If you are using dcmetr to decode the data into gempak files,
it uses a table to determine which parameters to put into the file.
By default, this is $NAWIPS/gempak/tables/pack/metar.pack
Also, by default, the parameters pwsp, pwdr, pwhr, and pwmn
are not included.  You just need to add these, delete the data
files and rerun the decoder.  The three numerical values are for packing:
minimum value, maximum value, resolution of the values.

pmanousos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi all - anyone know if the "peak wind" parameters in sflist (sfparm=pwsp, pwdr, pwhr, or pwmn) are valid? The help file says it those should work but when I run

SFFILE   = $OBS/hrly/2010329.hrly
AREA     = @HQM
DATTIM   = all
SFPARM   = pwdr
OUPTU    = T

I get the following messages:

[SFLIST 1] Parameter PWDR is not computable
[SFLIST -4] No valid computable parameters

When I enter GUST or TMPC for SFPARM it works fine.. and in NWX the current obs for HQM do contain a number of PK WND reports.


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 > latest schedules
 > for the project.
 > http://www.unidata.ucar.
 > edu/software/gempak/nawipsmigration/whitepapernov09.html
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