Re: [gembud] 20100224: GEMPAK binary builds and revision control

Hi Tom,

On Wed, 24 Feb 2010, Tom Yoksas wrote:

Since Unidata doesn't own GEMPAK, we are not the ultimate authority on the questions you pose. This is the reason that these issues will be discussed during the Users Committee meeting on March 11-12 when NCEP's representative to the User's Committee will be in attendance and can speak to these issues. I will make sure to forward the questions you pose here and any additional ones you or the community have to the NCEP representative so they can be fully addressed.

Thanks for the message, so lets do a hypothetical.

1) NCEP says it is okay for public source tree.  Great, all is peachy.

2) NCEP says it is not okay for public source.  This opens a huge can of
   worms for all of us that redistribute GEMPAK's source.  Will Unidata
   provide the community with some sort of legal protection?  I certainly
   never agreed to this restriction when I downloaded GEMPAK.  How long
   has Unidata known about this restriction and not documented it in the
   source release or website tool when downloading?  Or did I miss this

Regardless, thanks for the information on this. Thankfully NCEP doesn't impose this restriction for Unidata putting up public source trees of netcdf, IDV, thredds, ramada, etc ,etc :)


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