[gembud] 20100224: GEMPAK binary builds and revision control

Hi Daryl,

>Thanks for the response to my rant.  Unfortunately, this paragraph was 
>difficult to take:
>> - We have contacted NCEP about providing access to the source code in a
>>   repository fashion.  Currently, Unidata does not have the rights to
>>   distribute the software in this fashion.  NCEP requires us to have
>>   users register to download the software.  If we are able to set up a
>>   repository access, we will be looking for some experienced community
>>   members to vet any changes before they are committed to the
>>   repository.

>Where is this restriction included in the source code we download?  What 
>exact license is GEMPAK under?  If this is correct, any of us downloading 
>users are not permitted to redistribute the source code either?  Did NCEP 
>invite some sort of new open source license I am not aware of?  Does this 
>NCEP license violate the licenses of any of those packages in extlibs?
>If somebody in the community put GEMPAK on Github, we'd get a takedown 

Since Unidata doesn't own GEMPAK, we are not the ultimate authority on
the questions you pose.  This is the reason that these issues will be
discussed during the Users Committee meeting on March 11-12 when NCEP's
representative to the User's Committee will be in attendance and can
speak to these issues.  I will make sure to forward the questions you
pose here and any additional ones you or the community have to the NCEP
representative so they can be fully addressed.


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