Re: [gembud] Job opportunity at the National Hurricane Center

I received a couple of questions about this position, so I would like to
clarify a few things:

1)  GEMPAK knowledge is not required, but some experience with
meteorological data display/manipulation software is a definite plus
2)  We will be migrating away from N-AWIPS (GEMPAK) to an AWIPS-II based
system over the next couple of years.  That said there are a lot of
different systems to support here at the NHC, some off-the-shelf
(GEMPAK, McIDAS, GVAR, ArcGIS) and some internally developed (ATCF, web
page, etc.).  There is plenty of work to be done (great job security),
even with the likely phase-out of GEMPAK in our operations.

Please feel free to forward this position information to anyone who
might be interested.  This is a great opportunity with promotion
potential to a GS-11 ($60,742+ annual salary).

-Chris Lauer

Chris Lauer wrote:
> There were very few applicants for this entry-level position the first
> time around, so it has been modified (broadened) and re-posted with a
> closing date of March 9th, 2010.
> For applicants who applied previously, feel free to reapply.  Make sure
> that you also upload the required documentation (college transcript) or
> you will not be considered.  For maximum consideration, apply to be
> considered at each grade (7, 9, and 11).  You will be selected for the
> highest grade for which you qualify.
> Chris Lauer wrote:
>> There is an excellent National Weather Service career opportunity for a 
>> Meteorologist with computer programming and/or system administration skills 
>> at the National Hurricane Center.  The NHC heavily utilizes GEMPAK/N-AWIPS 
>> in a Linux environment to process, analyze, format, and display 
>> Meteorological data.  Candidates that have some experience with scripting 
>> languages such as Perl, php/cgi, shell (csh, ksh, bash), as well as compiled 
>> languages (FORTRAN, Java, C) are preferred.
>> The full position details and application can be found at this link:
>> This opportunity is open to the public as a GS 7/9/11, which is a great 
>> start for a recent college graduate with a good GPA (>3.0) or a Masters 
>> degree.

Christopher Lauer
Meteorologist / Programmer
National Hurricane Center

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