Re: [gembud] Job opportunity at the National Hurricane Center

There were very few applicants for this entry-level position the first
time around, so it has been modified (broadened) and re-posted with a
closing date of March 9th, 2010.

For applicants who applied previously, feel free to reapply.  Make sure
that you also upload the required documentation (college transcript) or
you will not be considered.  For maximum consideration, apply to be
considered at each grade (7, 9, and 11).  You will be selected for the
highest grade for which you qualify.

Chris Lauer wrote:
> There is an excellent National Weather Service career opportunity for a 
> Meteorologist with computer programming and/or system administration skills 
> at the National Hurricane Center.  The NHC heavily utilizes GEMPAK/N-AWIPS in 
> a Linux environment to process, analyze, format, and display Meteorological 
> data.  Candidates that have some experience with scripting languages such as 
> Perl, php/cgi, shell (csh, ksh, bash), as well as compiled languages 
> (FORTRAN, Java, C) are preferred.
> The full position details and application can be found at this link:
> This opportunity is open to the public as a GS 7/9/11, which is a great start 
> for a recent college graduate with a good GPA (>3.0) or a Masters degree.

Christopher Lauer
Meteorologist / Programmer
National Hurricane Center

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