Re: [gembud] Still having compile issues

Hello Jason,

I wish Unidata would state a reason why they no longer produce GEMPAK binaries, but regardless, we are left with all this compiling fun. Looking at your Centos Errors, netcdf is not building for reasons I have yet to figure out (appears it requires a lot of tetex stuff to build docs). I ended up hacking in netcdf 4.1 to help it to build cleaner with gfortran.

<personal rant>
I sure wish Unidata would support public source code trees and revision systems of GEMPAK, so the community could actively help develop it. Unfortunately, Unidata doesn't develop code in an open manner. We have to wait for it to "come from on high", a.k.a the 13th floor of the Unidata tower, hehe!
</personal rant>

Anyway, I know others on this list are producing RPMs, so hopefully they'll have something to share with you. My RPM foo is not strong enough to provide binaries for RHEL and RHEL clones yet.

I ended up installing: tetex-dvips , openmotif-devel, texinfo, tetex and got it to work, I think.


On Thu, 18 Feb 2010, Jason Brooks wrote:

Ok, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I am using a fresh install of CentOS x86 5.4. I installed groups "X Window System", "X Software Development" and "Development Libraries" as well as libXp, libXp-devel, openmotif, and openmotif-devel. Included in the tar is a list of packages that were installed. On a stock gempak source, using the new sources, the builds break. The make.out for the original compile attempts are in the tar file. I did not have the Gemenviron.profile sourced in my .bash_profile. I used a fresh shell each time and sourced it manually. They broke partially due to the fact that there are no libraries or includes under the /usr/X11R6 directory on my system. All of the x11 and motif libs are under /usr/lib and /usr/lib64, the includes for X11 are under /usr/include and the includes for openmotif are under /usr/include/Xm. After making the appropriate changes to the Makeinc.linux64_g77 I ran the make again and ended up with the make.out.2.

I've had problems compiling on Gentoo but that's due to the nature of the 
beast, my CentOS systems have never had these problems. Prior to the issue that 
was just patched, I have had very little problems compiling, and even then 
everything compiled, and worked except for the inability to read data.  Now 
everything is completely broke and I'm completely confused as to what has 
happened.  Maybe it is as simple as reverting to an older version of CentOS.  
If this is the case, what version do you guys use?

Jason Brooks

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