[gembud] gddiag question

Hi all,

I'm attempting to compute the difference of a scalar variable
between two forecast times, with the grid information located
in two *different files*, using gddiag.

So, I have data for forecast hour 000 in file one, and data
for forecast hour 003 in file two. Attempting to do something

gdfile = filef000.gempak + filef003.gempak
gfunc = sub(scalar,scalar+2)

yields a "Cannot find scalar^f000" error when ran. Can gddiag
compute data from files that contain different dates/times? Or
does all the data have to be in one file?

Thanks for any information or help.


Jason J. Levit                  Techniques Development Meteorologist
jason.levit@xxxxxxxx       DOC/NOAA/NWS/NCEP Aviation Weather Center
816/584-7241                             http://aviationweather.gov/

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