Re: [gembud] [GEMPAK #YUD-318283]: help

yes, gif will work for the time being.
is there a way to get GEMPAK to create the image in the entire area>
ie with no black on the edges??


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Hi Jeff,

Been playing around with this one as well and can't completely figure it 
out.  The TIFF driver is not working correctly at the moment, a fix may 
require some further code digging.  Will using the GIF or PS output device 
for the moment meet your needs?

Michael James
Unidata User Support

> after fighting for the last week, I finally have GEMPAK running with no
> errors..
> question.. unless I missed it, where does one set the gpmap output
> directory?
> All I need GEMPAK to do in convert the GINI satellite images in the NIMAGE
> feed set
> here is how I am testing this before I set up automation for LDM
> GEMPAK-GPMAP>proj = mer
> GEMPAK-GPMAP>satfil =
> /usr/local/ldm/data/text/sats/raw/SUPER-NATIONAL/8km/IR/IR_20091211_0215
> GEMPAK-GPMAP>device = tiff|test.tiff|1000;1000|c
> Creating process: tiff for queue 98307
> [GEMPLT -72]  NOPROD - No matching product in table
> but the error has me bugged as well.....
> Jeff Lake K8JSL

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Ticket ID: YUD-318283
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