[gembud] " NOPROC - Nonexistent executable" error


We're having some problems with our GEMPAK 5.11.4 build (on RHEL5).
Programs like gdlist and gdcntr give " NOPROC - Nonexistent executable" at
launch and:

 Error in message send = 22
 itype, ichan, nwords,0,98304,3

when run.  We've found the message in the archives (
to the same effect, but have been unable to resolve the problem. Gemenviron
gets read at login and cleanup -c has been run, but the errors remain.  gplt
and ps are in the GEMEXE directory:

[541 bcotton@devo ~ ]$ ls $GEMEXE/ps $GEMEXE/gplt
/opt/gempak/os/linux/bin/gplt  /opt/gempak/os/linux/bin/ps
[542 bcotton@devo ~ ]$

And there are no files of the same name in my $CWD.  No other GEMPAK
processes are running on the system.  Any thoughts?


Ben Cotton
Unix Systems Administrator
Department of Earth and
  Atmospheric Sciences
Purdue University

CIVL 4212
O: 765-49-61546
C: 765-404-7986

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