Re: [gembud] Model Grids

I got 5.11.4 compiled on Solaris x64 using Sun Studio compilers.  I found I had 
to fix some of the Makefiles to get "make everything" to work, and had to edit 
Makeinc.common so that it was not using GNU compilers by default. Strange thing 
is NTL will not work (dumps core), although the individual programs that one 
would start from NTL (NMAP2, GARP, NWX) all seem to work fine.

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I still can't get NMAP to properly display model grids, but I can display
the same restore files using gdplot2 and an XW.

For example, tonight I downloaded the ruc2 data, 00-12 hours.

I load a restore file in NMAP.

The first frame is blank (hours 00), then it displays 01-11 properly, and 12
is blank.

For the frames that are blank, it just shows the title on the screen, no
grids plotted.  The Error in NMAP says:

<see attached error1.png>

For the frames that actually load, they ALSO have an error message:

<see attached error2.png>

Again, even for the hours that do not load, I can manually run gdplot2 and
they display fine.  So, the grid files are fine, and the restore files are

Does NMAP not use gdplot2?  What could possibly be wrong?


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