[gembud] Model Grids

I still can't get NMAP to properly display model grids, but I can display
the same restore files using gdplot2 and an XW.

For example, tonight I downloaded the ruc2 data, 00-12 hours.

I load a restore file in NMAP.

The first frame is blank (hours 00), then it displays 01-11 properly, and 12
is blank.

For the frames that are blank, it just shows the title on the screen, no
grids plotted.  The Error in NMAP says:

<see attached error1.png>

For the frames that actually load, they ALSO have an error message:

<see attached error2.png>

Again, even for the hours that do not load, I can manually run gdplot2 and
they display fine.  So, the grid files are fine, and the restore files are

Does NMAP not use gdplot2?  What could possibly be wrong?


Attachment: error1.png
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Attachment: error2.png
Description: PNG image

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