Re: [gembud] Greetings

Thanks guys.  Hopefully we can work together to get things to work.
I tried the "darwin" binary, (the latest version for which they had one)
which was 5.11.1, I think...but when I tried to run a program such as NMAP
(or launch an XW from gdplot2), I got display errors:
*rjewell:os/darwin/bin] ryanjewell% ./ntl
_X11TransSocketINETConnect() can't get address for /tmp/launch-uIBKVP/:6000:
nodename nor servname provided, or not known
Error: Can't open display: /tmp/launch-uIBKVP/:0*

So that is why I'm trying to build a version myself.  Just for the heck of
it I tried to install the linux dice.

I'm wondering what other files might need to be modified. I have g77, gcc,
and openmotif everything that I need is there...but it's just
a matter of directing the install scripts to the right places.  That
requires me fully understanding all the scripts, which I don't.  I'd like to
go through each script one by one, but there are so many files it makes my
head spin.  Anyone know in what order (and which) scripts are executed when
you type "make all" ?

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