Re: [gembud] imgtyp.tbl settings for GOES-13?


On Mon, 22 Dec 2008, Kevin Goebbert wrote:

Hey Art,

I have been trying to work out this problem with Mark, and he has been trying
Visible images and I have been trying IR images, both to no avail.

This may not help you, but I found that GOES-13 imagery from the MCIDAS feed 
and imagery from worked when the image type was 180, whereas 
the GINI GOES-13 data via IDD worked when the type was set to 80.  Pete 
Pokrandt pointed out that if you make the entry into imgtyp.tbl twice, once 
with the type 80 and once with the type 180, then it works for all the sources.

Since yours doesn't seem to work for any imagery, perhaps there's a more 
fundamental problem.  Or, perhaps it's related to the binary distribution 
you're using...?  Don't know why that would be.  Sorry this isn't more 


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