Re: [gembud] [ldm-users] GOES 12 outage, GOES 13 changes for GEMPAK

Art - I have heard that older versions of GEMPAK require the value of
180 instead of 80.


Arthur A. Person wrote:

I've updated my imgtyp.tbl file and garp will display McIDAS GOES-13 imagery and GINI data ftp'd from NCEP, but it pops up "No Image" for EAST-CONUS Noaaport GINI imagery with errors similar to:

GEMPAK: [IM 1] No entry in the image type table, imgtyp.tbl, for file ^/data/ldm/gempak/images/sat/EAST-CONUS/1km/VIS/VIS_20081216_1415

These are the kind of errors I got for the McIDAS imagery before I updated the table, but the error has not gone away for the IDD Noaaport GINI data. Anyone know if there's another tweak that has to be made, or whether there might be a problem with the Noaaport GINI data?



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