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Greetings Phil!

If you are running a Linux kernel (>=2.6.13), you may want to check out inotify. Inotify is a filesystem even notification system that is built into the Linux kernel. From what I understand, inotify will broadcast messages when certain events on the filesystem occur (i.g. file/folder access, modification, open, close, create). You can trigger your plotting routines if your write a special script to intercept the messages.

I use pyinotify (python interface to inotify, to watch directories for incoming data from one of our remote field sites. Once my 'watcher' script receives the message that a new file has been created and closed, I have python generate several threads to run analysis and plotting routines. My routines consist of more python scripts, but they could easily be any executable (c-shell scripts pulling the strings of GEMPAK, for example). I found that inotify takes care of the issues that arise when the data arrival time does not coincide with the cron setup. Another nice feature of inotify is that it uses zero system resources while waiting for kernel messages, unlike a more traditional 'sleep-check-sleep' script.

Sean Arms
Graduate Research Assistant
School of Meteorology
University of Oklahoma

Phil Birnie wrote:

I'm searching for a ideas to display model data more timely. On our current setup, we simply wait until all data has arrived and then have a script run in the cron that processes and plots all of our model data. However, I would like to post these plots in a more timely manner, preferably as they arrive. I've come up with a few ideas, but none of them seem very efficient. I'm assuming GEMPAK does not have a program that can output grids that are currently available. Does anyone have any ideas (perhaps a listening script)? Any help would be great,

Thank you,

Phil Birnie
Department of Geography
The Ohio State University

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