Re: [gembud] [Gempak] GEMPAK installation woes


I found in the 5.10.3 build that if you built with GFORTRAN (which didn't work for me) and then tried to switch to G77 that the build got confused unless you started from scratch again (i.e. untar the distribution again, set up all your Gemenviron settings as you want them including USE_G77=1 and then rebuild). There's apparently a bug in the cleanup Makefile in this instance. You might give this a try and see if it works.


On Thu, 24 Jan 2008, Austin Cross wrote:

Thanks for the response. It's Debian etch amd64. The output from
printenv is at:

I notice the GEM_COMPTYPE is wrong. If I use setenv to change that, it
seems to find g77 alright. However, there a number of new errors mostly
from Fortran parameter statements:


Harry Edmon wrote:
We have it running just fine.  Which Debian distribution are you using?
We are using etch with g77.  We have:

#set USE_PGI=1
set USE_G77=1

What does the output of "printenv" look like?

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