[gembud] nagrib2 segmentation fault error


I upgraded directly from GEMPAK 5.10.2 to GEMPAK 5.10.4 (using RHEL5) and am noticing many Segmentation Fault messages when I use nagrib2 and nagrib - didnt see any threads or messages regarding this on the gembud email archive.

I am sourcing the 5.10.4 Gemenviron (which was modified for system specific data locations) To invoke the new version of GEMPAK.. I killed all cron jobs then logged out/in For run I rolled back GEMPAK to ver 5.10.2 and noted nagrib2 and nagrib work just fine I noted nagrib and nagrib2 still require gpend to function in both 5.10.2 and 5.10.4 Anyone else get this error or any advice? Does it have to do something with how the "set USE_GFORTRAN=1" is uncommented in the Gemenviron file (my system is a xw8400 Linux workstation (HP) running RHEL5 x86_64)??


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