Re: [gembud] nex2gini question(s)

To run nex2gini, the GFUNC variable is used as the %PROD% parameter name in the 
search for available files.

The nex2gini phelp shows the use of GFUNC=N0R, which then would look for files 
named $RAD/NIDS/%SITE%/N0R/N0R_YYYYMMDD_HHNN The datatype.tbl template is used 
so that each %SITE% within the provided nexrad.tbl file can be search for 
within the specified time range where the site id is part of the directory 
structure provided by the template.

The N0R string will not match your BREF_1.00 string, so you are not finding any files 
that match the criteria, and therefore the blank product. The N0R string is part of the 
PIL identifier in NOAAport, so provides a convenient way to file the data from the LDM. 
If you are using BREF as a convention, you will have to adjust the GFUNC name 
accordingly, but I would suggest not using the "_" character within your 
parameter name since it may confuse the parsing of the other fields. Eg, use 

The output file is creates in the current directory if no other file path is 
given.  The datatype.tbl file is used for template matching of input data, but 
not used in any way for creation of your output file.

As for file size, when COMPRESS=NO, a standard GINI format file is created.  
The KXKY=4736;3000 is a raster of 14,208,000 points, so your output file will 
be that many bytes, plus 512 bytes of header information. Using COMPRESS=yes 
will use PNG compression for the raster portion, and depending on the actual 
data, will compress to around 2MB.

On Tue, 2007-11-27 at 14:19 -0500, pmanousos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I am getting a blank composite image when running nex2gini (I am a
nex2gini newbie) Here are the vitals: * Running nex2gini using GEMPAK 5.10.2 on a system with RH WS 4 * Two images - $RAD/NIDS/CLE/BREF_1.00/BREF_1.00_20071126_1806
        and $RAD/NIDS/ILN/BREF_1.00/BREF_1.00_20071126_1806 are
        displayable in NMAP2 and both contain reflectivity data in
precip mode * Settings are identical to those provided by typing "ph
        nex2gini" - except RADMODE and COMPRESS are blank, RADFRQ=0,
RADDUR=10, RADTIM=071126/1810.. SATFIL=n0r_YYYYMMDD_HHNN. * datatype.tbl has NEXRADIII $RAD/NIDS/%SITE%/%PROD% %

Results: * nex2gini provides 1 line of feedback after it is run - "[NEX2GINI 4] Write image 071126/1810" * A file n0r_20071126_1806 is produced in the local directory and is about 14208533 - which seems HUGE! * Displaying it with gpnexr2 does run - and produces a map with
        a color bar and title displayed - but no data on the map (I am
using "rad" for a proj and "us" for a garea). * Reducing kyky to 1024;768 produces a file smaller in size -
        but still comes up blank when displayed with gpnexr2 and nmap2

So three questions 1. Why is the output file produced blank (per viewing with gpnex2
        or NMAP2).. perhaps nex2gini is NOT reading data from the
NEXRADIII dir prescribed in the datatype.tbl? 2. Does nex2gini actually read files from the NEXRADDIII dir -
        whether I move the NIDS files to the local dir or the NIDS dir
- I get a blank image. 3. I'm assuming nex2gini will read from the NEXRADIII dir and
        dump do the NORCOMP dir as prescribed in the datatype.tbl -
        why is the output file written to the local directory instead
        of the N0RCOMP dir prescribed in the datatype.tbl file?


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