[gembud] dcshef and dcshef_comet

Good day!

I recently upgraded a box from GEMPAK 5.10.2 to 5.10.4 and all of my dcshef pqact processes started bombing out with:

[22855] 071130/1114[FL -1] Cannot open file /mesonet/data/gempak/coop/YYMMDD_rtp.gem.

Digging around, I see that dcshef's options are radically different and there is something called 'dcshef_comet' which seems to work like the old dcshef did.

Did I miss something on the email lists about this? The "What's New" with GEMPAK 5.10 page has no references to dcshef changes?

Sorry if I am missing something obvious, thanks!


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