Re: [gembud] possible gvar issue

I  hit send too fast on the last post before I finished:

On Mon, 2007-10-29 at 10:45 -0600, Steve Chiswell wrote:

There are 2 duplicate fields in the GFS data set. The nagrib2 output
show the [GD -10] message about grid already exists in output file.
The result is 329 fields are read, but only 327 are written to the
output file.

The dgrib2 verbose logiing output shows these duplicate fields are:
SOIM [071029/0600F012] 0:0 DPTH
TMPK [071029/0600F012] 0:0 DPTH

This is caused by the rounding of the DPTH vertical coordinate to whole
meters such that 0 to .1m and .1 to .4 meters are both stored
as glevel 0:0.

The $GEMTBL/grid/g2vcrdwmo1.tbl vertical coordinate table provides:

106 106 Layer btwn 2 dpths below lnd sfc  m                    DPTH

To avoid the confusion from rounding, you may want to change this to
the levels as centimeters (eg bumping the SCALE column to "2" such as
106 106 Layer btwn 2 dpths below lnd sfc  m                    DPTH

By making that change you will have levels of 0:10 and 10:40 and
no duplicate levels being overwritten.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

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