[gembud] possible gvar issue


it appears that when using nagrib2 or running the dcgrib2 decoder from the command line to convert ncep grib2 files to gempak format a variable or two may be missing in the gvars.

for example the following is the index of the ncep grib2 file tested:


below is the gdlist of the grid file created by nagrib2:


and below is the gdoutf from the nagrib2 run:


the gdoutf does state:
"329 GRIB messages were read or scanned "
"327 grids were written to the GEMPAK file"

of immediate notice is that weasd seems to be missing in the grid
created by nagrib2, but what seems odd about that is that in:


which is called when running dcgrib2 manually from
the commandline is that weasd is listed ~ line 120 or so.

perhaps some gouls are having a little pre halloween fun =)



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