Re: Font differences between Gempak5.9.2 and Gempak5.10.2


There are several factors which affect the TEXT plotting.
In the first instance you only show a size of ".7". The
font style and HW/SW flat will default to their previous
setting- thus depending on what you had run in that
directory/gplt session previously would continue to be in effect.
Make sure you set all the items size/style/width/hw-sw
in order to compare.

Also added in 5.9.4:
was the ability to control text size in line for individual parameters,
so you would want to ensure you aren't overriding any text attributes
that way:

The text size and line width can also be specified for plotting numerical data such as temperature and dewpoint. These follow the parameter name, or condition, delimited by colons. For example, TMPF:2.5:3 , would cause temperatures to be plotted with a text size of 2.5 and a line width of 3. Text sizes that are positive cause the data to be plotted at the location they would appear if they were being plotted with the largest specified text size (ie. farther from the center of the station model than they would normally appear). Text sizes that are negative cause the offsets from the center of the station model to be computed based on the specified text size. NOTE: A large range of negative text sizes may result in some degree of overplotting. When using hardware fonts, text sizes may be named sizes. For example, tiny, SMALL, m, -m, -LARGE, etc, are all valid specifications. If no text size is provided for a particular data type, that data will be plotted with the default text size specified in the TEXT parameter.

If you are still having trouble with sizes, please send me the script
so I can run with the same TEXT, SFPARM, DEVICE settings
that you used to produce the plots.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

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