Re: Font differences between Gempak5.9.2 and Gempak5.10.2

Thanks for your suggestion. I was indeed using the "gif" driver, but when I use the "gf" driver instead I get similar results as I show below. The main thing I'm having trouble figuring out is why this won't plot correctly in GEMPAK5.10.2, while it works fine in GEMPAK5.9.2.

In my previous examples I was using gif, now I use the gf driver: (DEVICE = gf|OUTPUTFILE|800;600)

GEMPAK5.9.2, using SFMAP:
TEXT= .7:

GEMPAK5.10.2, using SFMAP:
TEXT= .7:


At 08:00 PM 8/12/2007, pmanousos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Mike..

The only thing I can think of offhand is be sure the driver is set to gf instead of gif.

For example

device = gf|test.gif

instead of

device = gif|test.gif
The "gif" driver (not "gf") will not accept hw fonts.


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