Re: simple FORTRAN code for GEMPAK that fails on 64-bit Linux machines


I guess this must be an 'ifort' problem because I just figured out how
to compile this on 64-bit machines with 'g77' and it works!
 g77 -fno-second-underscore test.f $GEMLIB/gemlib.a;a.out
 spd =   6.40312433

Still, can anyone get 'ifort' to work on this code on a 64-bit Linux

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On Tue, Apr 24, 2007 at 10:09:07PM -0700, David Ovens wrote:

I have this incredibly simple FORTAN code, test.f, that works fine on
32-bit Linux machines with any version of GEMPAK, but that fails
miserably on all of my 64-bit Linux machines with any version of
GEMPAK (I've tried 5.9.4 and 5.8.3ag3 specially built for 64-bit).  I
am curious if anyone out there can successfully run this on a 64-bit
Linux machine.  And, if you can, please share your

Code test.f:
      program test
      call in_bdta(iret)
      u = 5
      v = 4
      spd = pr_sped(u,v)
      print *,'spd = ',spd

Compile and run:
  ifort test.f $GEMLIB/gemlib.a -lg2c; a.out

Correct answer:
spd = 6.403124
64-bit Linux box answer:
 spd =  -1.0842022E-19

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