Satellite Imagery and CMC Data

I have two question (keep in mind that I am still trying to learn this program):

1st Question
My office has been downloading satellite images in tiff format from I tried load these images into GEMPAK, however, I get the following error message (which repeats itself 6 times):

/070213/1651[IM -3] Image file $SAT/ir/IR4_20070213_1645 not a supported format/

I therefore assumed that tiff images were not supported, so I converted the image to jpg and gif. Neither of them worked either. So... my question is, what image type does GEMPAK support, and where can I download them from.

2nd Question

We are downloading 525 Canadian Regional hiRes grib files from cmc twice per day. How do I get these grib files into a format that can be read by GEMPAK. I will also be looking to convert GFS and NAM grib data in a gempak format later as well, but I don't want to get to far ahead of myself just yet :)

Thanks in advance
Christopher Lander

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