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Thanks. A frame like this is created each time a new tornado warning is issued by the NWS. This particular display is formated for the PDA Animated Weather (PAW) website ( ). The display software is written as standard McIDAS application, allowing users to overlay the information on any size navigated image frame. Here is a list of the applications involved:

TORDEC -> TORnado DECoder runs as a McIDAS keyin. It "reads" the lastest tornado warning text and decodes the information (location, speed, direction, duration, warning counties, polygons, and cities in the path) into a McIDAS Meteorological Dataset (MD) file. I place this in a cronjob and run it every 2 minutes.

TORDISP -> reads the MD file using standard ADDE transaction and plots the warnings on any navigated McIDAS image frame.

TORWARN -> monitors the Tornado MD file for new entries. It creates the PAW display and pushes it to our web server. Depending on the list of warning counties, the application produces EMAIL and/or SMS messages for list of individuals interested in getting notification of the warning.

The entire process is automated. The only time it requires attention is when it receives a bogus warning causing the decoder to stop, or insertion of a new individual into the TORWARN notification queue. These programs are NOT part of the standard McIDAS core applications set. They are included in the development package distributed with a McIDAS release.


Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
Ooh, that looks great! How can I get my hands on that?

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