Re: Problems decoding GRIB2 GFS Ensemble grids

Thanks again Steve. I can now decode the control and perturbation fields. However, it looks like the tables need to be further expanded so they can decode the "geavg" and "gespr" bulletins.



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On Tue, 10 Oct 2006, Steve Chiswell wrote:


The most recent version of dcgrib2 (5.9.3) will store the GRIB2 data in
the grid file without unpacking the data block, making the GEMPAK file
much smaller, and the
decoding process much faster. The older GEMPAK distributions will not be
able to read those decoded files however, since they do not know how to
unpack the GRIB2 data block, so if you use the 5.9.3 decoder, you would
want to upgrade the other programs as well, or recompile the dcgrib2
program from 5.9.3 to
use the previous packing method for the data- but you may find that
unpacking and
repacking the data in realtime is quite a load on the LDM pqact
processing (otherwise, you can use nagrib2 outside of the LDM which will
be compatible
with the previous versions).

I'll add a command line flag to the 5.9.4 dcgrib2 to allow you to select
the storage
method for backward compatibility.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

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