Re: Converting ASCII files to .gem and opening in NSHARP

Thanks James,

it was a bit of everything... I've set all variables to have 2 decimal
digits and removed some levels to stay under 500. Now its working as
it should!

Best Regards,
               Guilherme O. Chagas

On 9/19/06, jimmyc@xxxxxxxxxxx <jimmyc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A. the last line has missing data fields for pressure, hght, etc.
B. Perhaps the number of levels is to large. Gempak has a configure file
which sets the number of levels alowed in an observed sounding. I
believe that number is 500. You can change it and rebuild from source.
C. You should have the HGHT variable as a real not an integer.

Otherwise everything looks ok as far as format.

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