Converting ASCII files to .gem and opening in NSHARP

Hello everyone,

I'm using snedit to convert experimental soundings into gempak's file
format. I've managed to open some of these converted files in NSHARP,
but most of them do not open at all! NSHARP simply shows a blank
window, no errors whatsoever.
SNPROF gives an error ([GR -17]  Axis labelling interval cannot be
determined.) when I try to open one of the non-working files, and if I
manually set the XAXIS it shows only an empty diagram.
The conversion in snedit runs smoothly - no errors also.
I believe that the problem lies in the input (ASCII) file format, but
since some actually worked it gets beyond my comprehension.
Two files are attached: the does not work, while the works flawlessly. Both can be converted with no errors
in nsharp.

Many thanks,
               Guilherme O. Chagas

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