RE: problem adding grids in gdedit

Dear Gembud,

I apologize for my premature post.  It turns out that my shell substitutions 
were flawed and I had extra data entries in many rows.  I fixed that problem 
and now gdedit is working.

Best regards,

-----Original Message----- From: Case.Jon Sent: Fri 9/8/2006 8:28 AM To: gembud@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cc: Subject: problem adding grids in gdedit
        Dear gembud,
I recently tried to add a grid to an existing GEMPAK file using gdedit, but I receive the following error:
        blinky:/projects/proto/WRF/EMS/wrf/runs/CONUS/wrfpost/gempak > gdedit
         GDEFIL    Grid edit file                   gdedit_cbas.fil
         GDFILE    Grid file                         
GPACK Packing type/number of bits Parameters requested: GDEFIL,GDFILE,GPACK.
         [GDEDIT -6]  Error reading grid data.
         Parameters requested: GDEFIL,GDFILE,GPACK.
        A little background:
        Using the existing GEMPAK file listed above, I ran gdlist to create an 
output of an entire grid (601x371).
This grid contains negative values that I want to set to missing (-9999.00), so I substituted the negative values using shell commands, preserving the row and column orientation, and wrote the data to a file called "gdedit_cbas.fil". When I tried to add the new grid to the same GEMPAK grid file, I got the error above. I have ensured that the file has the same # of entries and rows as the actual grid file. FYI, the header of "gdedit_cbas.fil" is as follows: Grid file: 200608172100_nmm_pres12km.grd GRID IDENTIFIER: TIME1 TIME2 LEVL1 LEVL2 VCORD PARM 060817/2100F012 0 NONE CBAS AREA: DSET GRID SIZE: 601 371
         COLUMNS:     1  601     ROWS:     1  371
         Scale factor: 10** 0

         COLUMN:      1        2        3        4        5        6        7   
        (etc, etc, etc)
Your feedback & assistance is greatly appreciated!
        Jonathan Case

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